Discover Iceland

Iceland is the land of contrasts:
Fire meets ice – green grass, black sand deserts, colourful mountains, desolate inland, wide beaches and rugged coast characterize the diverse landscape. A jewel for lovers of nature in the North Atlantic.

Iceland during Summer

The main tourist season in Iceland is the summer with its long days and midnight sun. You will be fascinated and enchanted by volcanoes, craters, lava fields, sandy deserts, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, bird cliffs and fjords! The empty, open space, peace and extraordinary beauty of nature you will encounter are breathtaking. You will be tempted to try various outdoor activities, from cozy short walks to rapid rafting on rushing rivers.

Iceland during Winter

The wintry Iceland is ideal not least for the adventurous. Super jeep safaris, snowmobile tours and glacier walks are particularly attractive in this season. Peace seekers will also find something appealing in Iceland in the winter, the silence of the glittering snow-covered landscape is an ideal place to take tours along frozen waterfalls and steaming hot springs. The short winter days are made up for by the northern lights that quite frequently show themselves under ideal conditions especially in the countryside. Moreover, Iceland is very cozy during the Advent and the days before the new year in Reykjavík when the city glitters in beautiful Christmas lights.