About Katla DMI

Katla DMI – Destination Management Iceland – is your planning expert for holidays, tours, conferences and events in Iceland.
In cooperation, and by combining creativity and professionalism,
we achieve success!

Who we are

Katla DMI is dedicated to the organization of holiday travel, meetings & conferences, incentives and events of all kinds in Iceland, the island of fire and ice.

We have over 17 years of experience in the organization and sales of group tours to Iceland, mainly on the German market and we like to expand to other markets as well. Our work and life experience abroad, our language skills and understanding of the European market allows us to serve our customers well and create a memorable experience for the tourists in Iceland.

Our team has not only excellent knowledge of the market but also of Iceland itself. We combine the passion for our destination, Iceland, with tourism expertise and excellent customer service – and therefore believe that we can exceed the expectations of an incoming agency.

Our customers are both large and small operators, companies and businesses as well as clubs, organizations and interest groups.

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Our Team

Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir Managing Director (and owner)

Pétur Óskarsson Managing Director (and owner)

Anna Vilborg Ívarsdóttir Business Development Manager

Atli Antonsson Junior Product Manager

Brynjar Óskarsson IT-Manager

Dorothee Hippel Text editor & Junior Product Manager

Eyrún Olsen Product Manager FITs

Ólöf Bóasdóttir Accountant

Ramona Pittroff Product Manager Groups


The beginning

It began in 1997 in Munich, as Pétur Óskarsson and Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir, while studying Tourism Management in Munich, founded the tour operator company “Katla Travel GmbH”. Under the slogan “Island Individuell / Iceland Individually” they organized and sold tailor made group and individual packages. In cooperation with Neckermann Reisen, Katla Travel offered a number of charter flights that made travelling to Iceland more affordable than ever before and allowing a more flexible product design.

Viator – Holiday Home Rental

In 2002, the holiday home rental and Katla’s sister company “Viator” was founded in Reykjavík. So far, cottages had only to a limited extent been available for tourist rental in Iceland, but the demand had increased noticeable. With Viator the door opened up for Icelandic house and cottage owners to the tourist rental market. The idea to rent holiday homes that were unused large part of the year to foreign guests fell on fertile ground.

Katla DMI – Iceland Incoming

In 2003, the operation of Katla Travel for incoming travelers spun off and Katla DMI in Reykjavík was founded. Today, both companies operate completely independently as separate companies. Katla Travel’s main focus are individual guests whereas Katla DMI serves as an incoming agency for tour operators of German-speaking guests – both for self-traveling guests and for groups of all kinds.

The number of employees of the Katla Group has grown in these 17 years, from 2 to 20. The staff is primarily from the field of tourism and / or have a strong connection to Iceland and Germany.

Holiday Homes investments

In recent years, the Katla Group has invested in its own holiday homes to strengthen its offer. The group attaches great importance to the quality of the houses themselves and all equipment, with emphasis on promoting Icelandic design. Today there are 5 holiday homes owned by the group, one in each part of Iceland.

The future

Katla DMI is always looking for innovations and new challenges in order to strengthen its market position. Thus, recently the attention has been focused more on the product ranges meetings, conferences, incentives and events.

Our Philosophy

Creativity – Team spirit – Success

These three values make up our model. We are convinced that creative collaboration is the key to success – The success of satisfying our customers.


Be ready to leave old paths to make way for new opportunities.

  • We constantly look for new ways to develop and improve ourselves, our products and our services in order to serve our customers better
  • We look to a high level of communication as we believe that exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions generates better results
  • We aim high for our clients and by keeping an open dialog with all parties involved we can better insure effective and mutually acceptable solutions and goals

We believe this makes work more fun – only those who enjoy their work will bring out the best in themselves.

Team Spirit

Together we can move mountains.

  • Our employees are a source of expertise and are open to meet the needs of our customers
  • Our employees work with a high degree of personal responsibility and freedom in order to fulfill their task in accordance with the expectations of our customers
  • We are aware that we are the link between service providers in Iceland and agents in Germany, and this role must be met with loyalty, honesty and diligence
  • As an active member of the Icelandic tourism industry, Katla DMI consciously tries to influence its development in a positive manner

This level of teamwork requires mutual respect maintained among all staff and with all partners.


Is measured at the highest standard. – For us, success entails …

  • Thrilled guests
  • Long-term cooperation with our partners
  • Happy employees (and coworking guides)
  • Stability and long-term profitability of our company
  • Sustainable use of Icelandic nature

To know whether we have achieved this, we measure our success on a constant basis. In addition to regular performance measurement we conduct surveys among our customers and make sure that the results are used to improve our performance.


We at Katla DMI can not change the world alone, but with increased awareness of the consequences of our actions on the natural and social environment, we can do our part. The whole team of Katla DMI is explicitly aware of this responsibility, as well are our tour guides, partners and last but not least our guests involvement is important.

We generally apply the following actions to encourage positive environmental and social development:

  • Long-term participation in a forestry project with The Iceland Forest Service where birch is planted on barren land at Haukadalsheiði.
  • Active participation in public discussions through newspaper articles and other media that address the Icelandic tourism industry in order to have a positive impact on its development.
  • Participating in the development of a strategy for SAF – Association of Icelandic tourism companies.
  • Participating in a Steering Committee of the Blue Flag voluntary eco-label for clean beaches and marinas.
  • Board membership of Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association
  • Board membership of Icelandic Tourism Research Center

In addition, we have set ourselves the following guidelines (to be extended):

  • We buy local, environmentally friendly products when possible.
  • We support Icelandic design, for example when it comes to the decoration of new cottages.
  • We recycle bottles / cans and paper, both in our office and in all buses with the participation of our tour guests.
  • We educate our bus driver on eco-driving.
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