Our Philosophy

Creativity – Team spirit – Success

These three values make up our model. We are convinced that creative collaboration is the key to success – The success of satisfying our customers.


Be ready to leave old paths to make way for new opportunities.

  • We constantly look for new ways to develop and improve ourselves, our products and our services in order to serve our customers better
  • We look to a high level of communication as we believe that exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions generates better results
  • We aim high for our clients and by keeping an open dialog with all parties involved we can better insure effective and mutually acceptable solutions and goals

We believe this makes work more fun – only those who enjoy their work will bring out the best in themselves.

Team Spirit

Together we can move mountains.

  • Our employees are a source of expertise and are open to meet the needs of our customers
  • Our employees work with a high degree of personal responsibility and freedom in order to fulfill their task in accordance with the expectations of our customers
  • We are aware that we are the link between service providers in Iceland and agents in Germany, and this role must be met with loyalty, honesty and diligence
  • As an active member of the Icelandic tourism industry, Katla DMI consciously tries to influence its development in a positive manner

This level of teamwork requires mutual respect maintained among all staff and with all partners.


Is measured at the highest standard. – For us, success entails …

  • Thrilled guests
  • Long-term cooperation with our partners
  • Happy employees (and coworking guides)
  • Stability and long-term profitability of our company
  • Sustainable use of Icelandic nature

To know whether we have achieved this, we measure our success on a constant basis. In addition to regular performance measurement we conduct surveys among our customers and make sure that the results are used to improve our performance.

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