We at Katla DMI can not change the world alone, but with increased awareness of the consequences of our actions on the natural and social environment, we can do our part. The whole team of Katla DMI is explicitly aware of this responsibility, as well are our tour guides, partners and last but not least our guests involvement is important.

We generally apply the following actions to encourage positive environmental and social development:

  • Long-term participation in a forestry project with The Iceland Forest Service where birch is planted on barren land at Haukadalsheiði.
  • Active participation in public discussions through newspaper articles and other media that address the Icelandic tourism industry in order to have a positive impact on its development.
  • Participating in the development of a strategy for SAF – Association of Icelandic tourism companies.
  • Participating in a Steering Committee of the Blue Flag voluntary eco-label for clean beaches and marinas.
  • Board membership of Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association
  • Board membership of Icelandic Tourism Research Center

In addition, we have set ourselves the following guidelines (to be extended):

  • We buy local, environmentally friendly products when possible.
  • We support Icelandic design, for example when it comes to the decoration of new cottages.
  • We recycle bottles / cans and paper, both in our office and in all buses with the participation of our tour guests.
  • We educate our bus driver on eco-driving.

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